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Posted On: July 18, 2001 04:05:47 PM

Name: jo snider
Email: blues1@charter.com
How: jay b
Comments: hey ya'll it's been a long time trying to get to your page happy to fine you,love the web site hope to see ya at ruby's on the 28th take care love,jo
Posted On: July 15, 2001 03:57:48 PM

Name: scott
Email: ssmedicman@aol.com
How: 4 unplugged link
Comments: saw the band at the mandeville seafood fest and thought you all were very good. wanted to buy the cd but was not sure where/ how to do it. keep on rocking southern music style.
Posted On: July 09, 2001 08:29:30 AM

Name: Andy Sanborn
Email: sweetusmaximus@yahoo.com
How: Just lucky, I guess!?
Comments: The site is great. I caught the shoe at the Florabama Saturday night (6/7). I love southern rock and the blues, and I must say that was the best I have ever heard live. Amazing show!!!!!! :)
Posted On: June 29, 2001 12:40:42 PM

Name: Keith Reynolds
Email: keith70433@hotmail.com
How: Rory - Drummer
Comments: Cool
Posted On: June 28, 2001 06:16:19 PM

Name: Redhead fan in Florida
Email: mcvan@bellsouth.net
How: again....your wife
Comments: Definatly ballsy....always rockin! Kick Ass CD!
Posted On: June 28, 2001 06:03:06 PM

Name: Terry
Email: mcvan@bellsouth.net
How: From your wife
Posted On: June 10, 2001 07:07:50 PM

Name: Wendy Busby
Email: zoeb@i-55.com
How: Rory's friend
Posted On: June 06, 2001 09:48:09 PM

Name: Dr. Porkchop
Email: docchop@bellsouth.net
How: Got number from restroom
Comments: Great Band! Dey sho nuff got da blues!

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