I'm very saddened to say we have lost my good friend, an American Music treasure. Mr. Clarance " Gatemouth" Brown. I will cherish all the wonderful times I had with "The Man ". Many nights hanging out at his home on Hwy. 11, Slidell , Louisiana. Which Hurricane Katrina blew off the face of the earth , every thing gone. Thats what alot of folks close to Gate think what really killed him. Gate's house set out over the water on piers. Very cool and swampy. The inside of his house was humble. Filled with his model boat collection, many tapes and albums,  that he loved,  and his Grammys and W.C. Handy awards , all his photos hanging on the wall . With him and B. B. King and Eric Clapton and many others. We would sit until late hours of the night at his kitchen table, many times just me and him. Sometimes drinking a little homemade strawberry wine and always smoking the best  that Gate would bring back from all his around the world travels. We would listen to " The Count, The Duke and of course Gate. He loved to swing. Or me and him with Guitars jamming all night. I remember everyday those times, Looking at him eye to eye, Listening to that swing. Him smoking his pipe. Smiling at me and both of us rocking back and forth. Groovin and jammin. That is magical momments that you will remember the rest of your life. This gator lived under his house , we would go out and throw it table scraps and mess with it, and Gate would laugh and the frieght train whistle blow that ran behind his house, with the full moon shinning down on the water. And I'd think this is blues heaven man !!

      Gate thank you for being my friend, coming out to see me play music all those times. Teaching me, sitting in and playing on my cd.  Loaning me your guitar when I needed one. Making me laugh .Taking me backstage to hang with Eric Clapton and his band. I thought it would never get better than openning up for Lynyrd Skynyrd or Charlie Daniels. But knowing Gate and being his friend tops it all.  
            Gate. I think about and remember  you everyday. I was truly blessed to know you. I miss you and love you my friend.  - 
Jay B. Elston